Read all content very carefully to know how to receive your prize!

    Let me to introduce the future of cryptocurrency.

    UniverseCreditcoin - CRD it is the unique solution for daily use. An eco-friendly form of money, a POS-MN cryptocurrency. The only purpose for a fiat coin or cryptocurrency, it is to be used as a form of money. a form of payment. CRD goal it is to be an eco friendly replacement of BTC.

   A real cryptocurrency / coin doesn't have just a "use case" or a so called "project". It is no reason for companies to use a cryptocurrency except CRD, XRP, USDT and few others. With a coin, anyone can buy anything, but nothing with a "project"

   We do not present a "project" !

   We have a final product.


   Being on beginning anyone could have marvellous earnings. Thus the share of gain is high. The huge ROI are waiting for you.

Don't hesitate! Enable today your CRD Masternode! It is not too late!

   The best solution for hosting CRD masternodes it is the virtual server purchased from Hostinger:


   Setting up a MN is very easy and secure to operate. Hostinger provides IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for its servers. The CRD Masternode works perfectly on both types of addresses. Hostinger also accepts cryptocurrencies as payment methods. The price is very low.

   If you have not enough money to start a MN, you can stake some CRD in your wallet.

   We have also alternate ways to earn. If you have not enough money to start your own business, or you cannot invest more than you can afford to lose, contact us ASAP. Let us a message on Discord, Element or Keybase.

   You will earn some extra money for a daily job. Spread the word about us! 

   To buy safe some CRD use CRATEX exchange on BTC, LTC, DOGE, BTCZ markets.

   CRATEX Exchange:





   Join to all us social media pages and be ready for next airdrop campaigns:

   Keybase team: https://keybase.io/team/crd7258

   Element: https://matrix.to/#/#uccoin:matrix.org

   Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/UCCcoin/

   Madium: https://uccoin.medium.com/

   Forum: https://posmntalk.freeforums.net/

   Discord: https://discord.gg/z9gnzMKrds

  A place where you can buy or sell a large variety of goods and services. Of course, using CRD as payment method:

   Marketplace: https://market.mcpc.io

   Dailymotion: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x829e0e pass: 1234

   Metacafe: https://www.metacafe.com/watch/12226337/the-future-of-cryptocurrencies/

   Vidyard: https://share.vidyard.com/watch/x8fXSogWCrJ8i65M9K22x9?

  What you are waiting for?

  Act now!

  Setup your CRD Masternode now!

  The Real Way To Get Passive Income.

  The Real Way To Earn.

  Invest Now !

  Don't live with regrets later !

  You will always own the responsibility of any financial decisions that you decide on yourself.

                                               DO NOT FORGET!
  It is allowed a unique username with a unique email address associated. It is not allowed to use a username with multiple email addresses or a single email address used for many users. To receive the prize, download and install our CRD Wallet. If you are a winner, you will have to send us your CRD address. You have to use only a valid email address. All winners will post their CRD wallet address on our Keybase account. Use ONLY the same username and email address used in UniverseCreditcoin Airdrop campaign TO LOGIN ON KEYBASE. It is not allowed exceptions or excuses.

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