“Don’t be the one who will buy a pizza with 10,000 CRD. Hodl or trade”

  • CRD parameters:
  • Coin Name : UniverseCreditcoin
  • Coin Ticker : CRD
  • Algorithm : Quark
  • Block type : PoS/MN
  • Address prefix : c
  • RPC Port : 11333
  • P2P Port : 11332
  • Total Coin Supply : 250000000
  • Block Time : 60 Sec
  • TXN confirmations : 6 blocks
  • Min Stake Age : 1 Hour
    Block Reward : Masternode 70% & Staking 30%
    Masternode collateral:
    2000 CRD up to block 700000 then 3000 CRD
  • Nerwork : IPV4, IPV6, MultiMN, MultiMN-mix.
  • Difficulty Retargeting : Every Block
  • Coin Maturity : 60 Blocks
  • Huge block reward from time to time.
  • Premined address:
  • Premined TXid: 96f2a49648fd9662a8ffcb8f7ae381dd47fd0e5b 47d5490f51d90a05c0ee241e
  • CRD is a decentralized digital currency currently used to make payments or to earn extra income. CRD can be traded for other cryptocurrencies or for fiat on exchanges by you directly without the need of third parties. Available markets: BTC, LTC, BTCZ and Doge.
  • CRD is an eco-friendly digital currency.
  • CRD is not a so-called project, it is a currency. Only with money everyone could invest, sustain a cause, make charity donations, buy any goods or services or to send funds to your beloved remote relatives or family in the only possible safe way.
  • CRD is the only replacement of dying BTC. By investing now you will never live with regrets.
  • CRD blockchain is moste secure one. Having implement new technologies it is impossible to be hacked. Any malicious wallet or MNs who try to send corrupt data is rejected by network for 1 day to 1 year.
  • CRD have secure support channels on Keybase, Utopia and Session.

CRD Donation Address:
CRD Burn Address:

All CRD wallets version 2.5.0 are now available on Github:
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