“This is your future. Act now. Don’t live with regrets.”

xSLDS parameters:
premined 1: 200.000 xSLDSfor us
premined 2: 3000000 xSLDSfor swap (POB) and payments
maxim supply: 100.000.000 xSLDS
Block Reward : Masternode 70% & Staking 30%
MN collateral:
8000 xSLDS up to block 700.000 then 20.000 xSLDS
up to block 1000 1 xSLDS
up to block 200000 10 xSLDS
up to block 300000 8 xSLDS
up to block 400000 7 xSLDS
starting with block 400001 5 xSLDS
Address prefix: D
RPC port: 18300
Masternode port: 18200
Confirmations: 6

xSLDS was built to give a second chance to all victims of the group of criminals disguised as SOLIDUS TEAM. SOLIDUS TEAM has performed an exit-scam, clossing all social media pages, main site, block explorer and SOLIDUS EXCHANGE, disappearing with funds. Former SLDS holders were able to exchange SLDS with xSLDS (ex-solidus) at a 1: 1 exchange rate. Thus, more than 500,000 xSLDS were attributed to the former victims. Another 2,000,000 xSLDS are reserved for anyone who owns dead/abandoned/worthless cryptocurrencies and wants to exchange them for xSLDS at various swap rates, by POB.
xSLDS our second cryptocurrency have the same source code as CRD.

xSLDS Donation Address:

xSLDS BURN Address:

All xSLDS wallets version are now available on Github:
Read carefully and follow our recommendations.

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